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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best day of my life
The birth of your child is an unexplainable feeling. I will never forget march 25 2011 I woke up at 8 am because I thought I needed to pee and when I sat on the toilet I felt a drop of water and I thought to myself um....that didnt feel like pee lol. So I call my work and tell them I dont think ill be in that day that my water broke. So I then proceeded to scramble around and I called my mom so she could try to make it for the birth ( my parents live 6 hours from us) then I called the doctor and told them my water broke and they told me to come into the office so they could check me. So I then called my husbands ship and asked to speak to him and they put me on hold ....they couldnt find him and the girl said are you gonna have your baby and I was like yea I think so my water broke so she told me she would find him and tell him. About five minutes later he calls me out of breath ( I guess he ran to his car)to tell me hes on his way. I continue to scramble around packing my hospital bag (  jayden was 2 weeks early I was not prepared) and michael gets home and and we rush to the doctor. We waited in the waiting room what seemed forever. Well my doc checked me and I was already 5 cm so she sent me straight to the hospital. I planned to do everything natural no one believed me that I could do it but guess what I did :) & at 1:48pm my sweet baby boy was born. It was such an overwhelming feeling of love joy excitment...and so much more. Its just the most amazing thing in the world. I think everyone needs that experience at least once!

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